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Apr 23

Oct 22

DEVILS by Idiot Songs (Pearse McGloughlin & Justin Grounds)

Jul 19

Jul 12

thoughts on idiot songs

Idiot Songs, for me, was a sort of cleansing. I had a bunch of ideas and half songs that I had been thinking about throughout the making of In Movement, my second solo album.

Having spent a long time working on that piece I was keen to produce something quickly. At the recording stage, when an old way of doing something suggested itself, I either did exactly the opposite or made a decision impulsively. I’ve always tried to be brave, particularly lyrically, but here I was wanton. My old friend and Nocturnes drummer Enda Roche did a fair bit of the recording and with him at the desk I felt very at ease. The recording I did at home was incredibly unstressed and easy going.

Collaborating with Justin, tapping into his wizardry, I felt confident we were always creating something interesting, if not always easy.

And Idiot Songs is a bit of a challenge to listen to (it’s also a bit of a challenge to play!) but it’s the kind of music I enjoy and I know there are others like me. I admire sincerity in people’s work. Justin has it and that’s what drew me towards collaborating with him. There’s enough irony out there, enough music that winks at you knowingly. That’s really fun. But it’s not where Idiot Songs is at. At least not this time round. 

So this is a record about a man who cannot choose, who’s too naive for the society he inhabits. I think that figure can speak to us. I think he has something to say and this is something the Idiot Songs project tries to embody.

Jul 10


During the mixing of the record we played a couple of small shows to test out the songs in a live setting. This is the first rendition of ‘Devils’, live in De Barra’s, Clonakilty (Justin’s local testing ground)…JG

Jul 1

Here are some fragments from Idiot Songs piece ‘Belle Dame’. Hope you like. P

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Apr 18

Idiot Songs

Hi folks,

Been a quiet few weeks here but plenty of work going on behind the scenes. My Idiot Songs project with Justin Grounds is growing well - we’ve pretty much all the songs recorded and are hoping for a July/August-ish release. It’s been exciting to record this album; it’s unharnessed and has an immediacy to it…

There’ll be a few shows in May for Idiot Songs and for my own solo stuff so I’ll post the dates for those very shortly.

In the meantime, here’s 'Nastasya's Tears', our first piece from the collection. 

See you soon


Feb 18

Here’s some words from the talented David Fahey on how he put together the short vid for Lonely Track. Big thanks to him. p

The Lonely Track: David Fahey

The starting point I used for this video clip was the inside cover of Pearse’s Busy Whisper album, the picture of the carnival, I liked that it looked somewhere between a photograph and a painting.

Shortly before beginning the video clip I happened upon a derelict house due for demolition and being the rural-urban explorer I am, I popped in through the broken window.

What once looked like a cozy and loved family home had degraded greatly. I scanned the moldy and dusty bookshelves and saw the previous owner had quite an interest in photography.

I followed the hall into her bedroom. It looked as if she had confined herself to just this room for a number of years staying in bed with a two bar heater. Above her head board was a shelf on which stood many miniature figurines of religious saints and the virgin Mary. Over the years it appeared these had been pushed back further on the shelf, replaced by tiny bottles of Irish whiskey almost exactly the same size as the icons.

I don’t like removing items from places that I find in this state but as I was leaving after photographing the house I spotted some small boxes of old slides the lady had shot of various events long before my birth. Usually these types of houses are demolished along with all of the personal items if the family has not claimed them.

I had to rescue the photographs and give them new life. They were badly damaged and covered in mold, faces faded and unrecognizable. Abstract landscapes emerged as I re-developed them, each a different story with its own mysteries.

When I received Pearse’s beautiful and haunting song The Lonely Track I started with the old slides, some of which took hours to burn light through. With the song being in the third person and the characters with their own names and tales, this was as much a mystery as the photos.  Ethereal and of another time…


David Fahey

Dec 22

2012 albums


I’ve not heard every Irish album over the last twelve months, I’ve missed loads of course, but these are ones I’ve liked (not in order of preference or anything). I’ve been playing from the following collections on my show over on Raidió na Life:

House of Cosy Cushions – Haunt Me Sweetly

Mumblin’ Deaf Ro – Dictionary Crimes

Katie Kim – Cover and Flood

Cast of Cheers – Family

Adrian Crowley – I see Three Birds Flying

Myles Manley and the Little People – Rock n’ Roll Vicar/ Rock n Roll Priest

Deaf Joe – Burrowings

Dylan Tighe - Record

Spook of the Thirteenth Lock - The Brutal Here and Now

Seti the First – Melting Cavalry

Eric McGrath – Little Ripples

OCHO – Young Hunting

Peter Doran – Overhead the Stars

Harry Bird and The Rubber Wellies – The Bones on Black

The Gandhis – After Autumn

My own album In Movement also came out in June. 

Fair play to it.  

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